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How about owning a seaside villa made of light gauge steel frames?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Architects: Saint Lucia Villa


Size: 22554*13845mm

Area: 536 ㎡

Height: 22.6m (3-storey)

Country: Saint Lucia

Contain: 1 tub, 2 sofas, 3 beds, 4 toilets

Manufacturer: Deep Blue Smarthouse Co.,

Closed your eyes and felt like staying in your dream house. Does the house settle in silent mountains, on a sandy grassland by a lake, or on the beach where can enjoy the sunrise? Are you preferring the simple design or just gorgeous? And maybe it is designed by a famous house designer or even by yourself. Whatever they are, it is much easier to build your dream house than ever before.

The advance of light steel structures technology has increased the acceptance of residents, especially in western countries. The advantages of lightweight, time-saving, durability, and fire-resistance made it a top building material to build a modern kit home.

Up to now, we have delivered various light steel frame buildings including villas, townhouses, tiny homes, apartments, and bungalows to builders and developers all over the world. In China, we also have delivered kinds of cultural and tourism series houses. For example, the Dome house in Chengdu suburbs, Rover products in Xinjiang tourist sites, and unique hotels and triangle houses in Ningbo.

From affordable and commercial houses to luxury houses, we already have rich experiences in design, production, and construction. What's worth to mention, we can not only provide the building materials but also house kits. And today we are going to talk more about our luxury villa project in Saint Lucia.

As an island country in the Caribbean area, Saint Lucia attracts lots of tourists with its abundant sunshine and beautiful landscape. It is indeed a good place to settle home down. Maybe there are many people who have ever dreamed about owning a seaside villa that perfectly matched its scenery in such areas. If you also want to have custom homes, or as to say have a dream home, just send us your floor plans, and let us help you to make it a reality.

The construction area of the luxury villa is over 500 square meters. It was divided into a rest space and an indoor activity space, and it boasts a reasonable layout that ensures people inside won’t bother each other. And the exquisite design also offers its owner comfortable living and working conditions. The gorgeous house contained 1 tub, 2 sofas, 3 beds, 4 toilets, a guest room, and a master room. All of these can meet the needs of residence for relatives and friends.

Considering the labor price of where the projects are, such a big house may cost a lot to pay construction workers. Most parts of the house have been assembled in our factory before it is delivered. Prefab homes bring much convenience to house owners such as they can be easily assembled on the construction site. Besides, the maintenance cost is relatively lower than the traditional ones, it means prefab homes are energy efficient. And the short construction period helps house owners to save lots of human and money resources.

What’s more, the 3-story villa has a large folding glass door on the ground floor by which one can get into the outdoor activity area directly. A large terrace, a swimming pool, and an outdoor hearth enable the owner to hold a fantastic party or a warm family gathering. The terrace which has been sheltered by a roof has glass baffles around it, offering a wide vision without barriers. The activities of the owner can be held whether it rains or not. What a moment of intimacy!

Living in such a modern villa also can enjoy panoramic sea views. Just imagine when you walking down the seafront at sunset or sunrise with your closest, or sitting on the balcony wrapped in a cozy blanket while the sun rises or set from the horizon, isn't that exactly the ideal life that we want to have?

What we make is not the house itself, it is the lifestyle that we all yearn for. If you have ideas for building prefab houses, please fill out the following form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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