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The environmental requirements of tiny houses are more lower than villas. Most of them have an overall area of no more than 37 square meters and are usually built on wheels without the need for a foundation. When building its critical structure, there is no better choice than light steel.

Light steel is lighter than wood, easy to handle, strong and can be made quickly. A tiny house made of light steel weighs about half as much as a wooden one. It's lightweight and durable.

Considering fire, termites and rust, tin alloy light steel house framing is a better choice when it comes to choosing a framing material. Resistant to environmental damage, the steel frame is also stronger because the outer layer is zinc plated and won't warp, twist, rot, bend or shrink over time.

Light steel is a much lighter product than wood, making it easier to build your tiny home.

Tiny houses can be built with wood or metals. But light steel has significant advantages over wood, including:

Lightweight - Light steel frames are much lighter than wood frames - nearly 50% lighter, for example. The weight limit for towing on roads in Australia is 4.5 tonnes. If you don't want to transport multiple times, a light steel frame is a wise choice.

Stable - The precise engineering of our frames ensures they are not affected by transport vibrations or ground movement. And the steel doesn't shrink or rot and termites are never a problem!

Recyclable - Steel is an excellent eco-friendly choice for building tiny house frames. It is 100% recyclable, no deforestation required, and produces zero waste in the manufacturing process.

Over time, your home will maintain the same excellent quality as it was delivered, reducing maintenance costs. more importantly, compared to wood, the more durable light steel allows for greater creative freedom when designing your home. Since the steel house frame is not a wood frame, plaster and cornice cracking are greatly reduced. Once installed, it never moves.

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Lim Keuky
Lim Keuky
04 Feb 2023

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Lim Keuky
Lim Keuky
04 Feb 2023

My secretary with 2 teens can afford 50,000USD to build on a 800sqm land, on a your model Luxury Prefab Home.

Looking forward to your reply,

With thanks,

Prof. L. Keuky

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