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Modern style villas appreciation 2: Chicago

5 Bedrooms 3 Living rooms 3Bathrooms Double garage Luxuary Villa Total area:346.6 sqm

Contemporary luxury living meets cutting-edge design in our new offerings.Designed for discerning tastes, the clever floor plan is a master class in zoning, catering to everyone's needs with three living areas, a study and flexible kitchen design with butler's pantry, easy access to the laundry room and spacious linen press.

  • Flexible kitchen design to suit the needs of the fussiest of chefs.

  • Three large living areas offering catering to more formal settings and communal entertaining alike.

  • Five generous bedrooms with including a sumptuous master suite fit for a King and Queen.

Floor plan:

Materials List:

1.Main Steel Structure System:

  • Steel Frame Wall

  • Roof truss

  • Joist

  • Stairs-indoor

  • Accessories (screws, bearers etc..)

2. Roofing System:

  • Batten (steel purline)

  • Vapor barrior

  • Water-proof layer

  • Roofing tile

  • Soffit

  • Fascia Board

  • Gutter with downpipe

3. Wall system

  • Ext.Layer

  • Wall batten

  • Vapor barrior

  • Extra insulation

  • Insulation

  • Lining

  • Skirting

4. Ceiling System

  • Ceiling batten

  • Dry Area Ceiling

  • Wet Area Ceiling

  • Corner line

  • Insulation

5. Floor System

  • Underneath of first floor

  • Flooring

  • Pillars for Blacony/Veranda

6. Windows and Doors

  • Standards: Australian Standard, American Standard, CE Standard, Normal....

  • Type of Windows: Alu/PVC frame, Single/ Double/Triple,Thermal break,Awning, Sliding, Casement, Fixed, Double hung, Skylight, Tilt&Turn....

  • Type of External Doors: Steel Securit Door,Normal rolling shutter garage Door,Aluminum panel with glass garage door,AU-Alum. double glass Sliding/Casement/Bi-fold Door,CE-thermal break alum. double glass bi-fold/ casement door,Normal Alum. double glass casment/sliding Door...

  • Type of Internal Doors: Melamine film MDF casement/pocket/bi-fold door, 2 pac Painted MDF door, Plywood Door...

7. Electrical And Plumbing System For Standard House

  • Purchase according to your local regulations and code


  • Kitchen (Cabinet/countertop/cupboard/sink/faucet)

  • Wardrobe/closet

  • Handrail

  • Shower

  • Vanity Set

  • Toilet

  • BathTub

For more information please contact us


Tel: +86-574-83066356


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geoffrey fulton
geoffrey fulton
Apr 03, 2022

What is the price of this kit and what is included? What is the floor construction.? Can you supply crew to build it in Australia? If yes, at what price to completely assemble it. Is there anything we have to add for this house to be complete? Thanks, Geoffrey Fulton Architects Fulton + Salomon,

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