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Cider Box 2306 USA

Cider Box 2306 USA

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, a trailblazer in the realm of sustainable and innovative housing solutions, takes pride in delivering the finest prefabricated tiny homes to discerning customers around the globe. Among their prestigious creations is the Cider Box Tiny House, a luxurious and intelligently designed dwelling tailor-made for couples and small families. In June 2023, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE proudly shipped the Cider Box to the United States, showcasing their commitment to providing a premium living experience that harmonizes with the environment and fulfills the aspirations of modern living.

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's prowess in design is evident in the Cider Box Tiny House. Spanning a total area of 27.58㎡, the Cider Box is ingeniously planned to accommodate all essential living spaces. The external size of 2.35*7.4m, utilizing a non-traditional "double shed" roofline, adds space and dimension to the structure, captivating onlookers with its unique appeal. Cleverly placed clerestory windows and full glass doors enable abundant natural light to cascade into the interior, creating an inviting ambiance and fostering a connection with the surrounding environment.

The Cider Box Tiny House caters to the needs of its occupants with precision. The interior size of 2.08*7.05m is skillfully organized to house two separate sleeping lofts, providing privacy and individual spaces for rest and relaxation. The main loft, accessed via stairs that incorporate storage compartments, ensures optimal functionality without compromising on aesthetics. The presence of a full kitchen allows residents to indulge in culinary delights, while the living area serves as a cozy retreat for leisure and quality family time. Additionally, space for laundry facilities within the tiny home further enhances the convenience and practicality of daily living.

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's commitment to environmental consciousness shines through in the Cider Box Tiny House. The usage of light steel frame construction not only ensures durability and structural integrity but also minimizes the environmental impact by reducing waste during manufacturing. With a total weight of 3.5 tons and the height  is meters, the Cider Box is designed for easy transportation, offering occupants the freedom to embrace a mobile lifestyle while treading lightly on the planet.

In June 2023, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE successfully delivered the Cider Box Tiny House to the United States, marking yet another milestone in their journey to redefine modern living. By combining luxury, sustainability, and versatility within a compact and mobile space, the Cider Box has garnered widespread admiration among homeowners seeking a harmonious blend of sophistication and functionality. DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's dedication to quality craftsmanship and their customer-centric approach have cemented their reputation as pioneers in the tiny house movement, empowering residents to embrace an enriched way of life that embodies both comfort and eco-consciousness.

DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE's visionary approach to tiny house living is exemplified in the Cider Box Tiny House. By delivering this masterpiece to the USA in June 2023, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE has demonstrated their unwavering commitment to providing homeowners with luxurious, sustainable, and functional living solutions. The Cider Box stands as a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when innovative design, eco-friendliness, and premium craftsmanship converge. As the tiny house movement continues to flourish, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE remains at the forefront, inspiring individuals and families to embrace a new era of sustainable and sophisticated living.

01 Name:   Cider Box
02 Project NO: 2306
03 Project site: USA
04 Total area: 27.58㎡
05 External size: 2.35*7.4m
06 Internal size: 2.08*7.05m
07 Total weight: 3.5 tons
08 Hight: <4m

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