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A-Frame Lake

A-Frame Lake

1 living 1 Kitchen 1Dining 2 bedroom  1bath 76.29㎡


The A-Frame Lake, Model A Frame House 05, is the perfect cabin for those who love outdoor living and experiencing the full joys of nature. With a total area of 76.29 square meters, this tiny home is compact and efficient, making it ideal for weekend getaways or full-time living. The ground floor area measures 62.43 square meters and the loft area measures 13.86 square meters, providing ample sleeping space for up to two people. The living room, kitchen, and dining area are all designed to make the most of every square foot, ensuring that you have all the essential amenities in a comfortable and stylish package.The two bedrooms and full bathroom make this cabin a cozy and convenient place to stay. Whether you want to spend a relaxing evening inside or enjoy the beautiful surroundings outside, the A-Frame Lake has everything you need for an immersive nature experience. The distinctive A-frame design and charming cabin aesthetic make this tiny home a truly unique and special place to call home. So, if you're looking for a cabin that combines comfort, style, and a love for nature, the A-Frame Lake is the perfect choice for you.


DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE has been specializing in the production and manufacture of light steel houses for 14 years, and has rich industry experience and a strong factory. Our team of professional designers and personnel ensures high-quality and efficient construction of each project. Whether you are looking for a compact and efficient home or a spacious and luxurious villa, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE has a solution to meet your needs.


DeepBlue SmartHouse is a Chinese company that specializes in designing and constructing prefab homes using light steel frame technology. Their one-stop solution caters to the needs of housing developers, builders, and owner-builders, providing services from design to construction.


Their mission is to provide efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective building solutions to their clients. They achieve this by using light steel frame technology, which enables faster construction, greater energy efficiency, and better durability in harsh weather conditions. DeepBlue SmartHouse is committed to quality and sustainability and incorporates eco-friendly materials and processes throughout the building process.



01 Name:  A-Frame Lake
02 Model: A Frame House 05
03 Size: W7315*L8534*H7925mm
04 Ground floor area: 62.43㎡
05 Loft area: 13.86㎡
06 Total area: 76.29㎡


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