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Geodesic Dome

Geodesic Dome


In a magnificent fusion of design and innovation, the Geodesic dome cabin, brought to life by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, stands as a testament to architectural brilliance. Comprising numerous carefully arranged triangular facets, this circular dome structure embodies a sense of wonder and fantasy, making it a truly unique and captivating cabin hotel experience.


Crafted by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE, the Geodesic dome cabin is a masterpiece that transcends traditional design norms. Constructed from a symphony of triangular panels, the cabin's rounded dome form exudes a sense of charm that seamlessly marries modern architectural sensibilities with an ethereal dreamscape.


With a generous diameter of 10 meters, the cabin's interior is surprisingly spacious and thoughtfully designed. A delightful surprise awaits within – two separate bedrooms, each accompanied by its own private bathroom. This ingenious layout ensures the utmost privacy and comfort for guests, making the cabin an idyllic haven for families, couples, or individuals seeking an unforgettable retreat.

While the cabin's structure is undeniably impressive, its allure is heightened by the enchanting vistas it offers. Placed strategically, the dome shape affords guests panoramic views of their surroundings, inviting them to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of their chosen location. Whether nestled beside the tranquil ocean waves or perched amidst the serene embrace of a forest, the Geodesic dome cabin provides a canvas of breathtaking landscapes that inspire and rejuvenate.


As day transitions to night, the magic only deepens. The cabin's unique design creates an intimate space that invites stargazing and introspection. This rare opportunity to connect with the universe unfolds within the confines of a luxurious sanctuary. The curvature of the dome and the careful placement of windows capture the celestial dance of stars, transforming each evening into a mesmerizing spectacle.


In summation, the Geodesic dome cabin designed and crafted by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE is more than just an architectural marvel; it's a testament to the intersection of creativity and ingenuity. With its innovative design, private bedroom sanctuaries, and unrivaled views, this cabin serves as an enchanting retreat that allows visitors to step into a world of dreams. Each moment spent within its walls is an invitation to experience the extraordinary in the most extraordinary way.

Product name: Geodesic dome
Diameter: 10 meters
Area: 78.5㎡
Use: Cabin, Hotel


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