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Milan House

Milan House

2 Livng 1 Kitchen 6 Bedroom 3 Bath 0 Garage 236㎡


The Milan House is a spacious and modern home designed and manufactured by DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE using light steel frame construction. With a total area of 236 square meters, it offers ample living space for families or groups of individuals.


Featuring two living rooms and a large kitchen, the Milan House is perfect for entertaining guests or spending quality time with family. The six bedrooms provide plenty of sleeping space, while the three bathrooms ensure everyone has their own private space.


The first and second floors are identical in size, each covering an area of 118 square meters. This design provides flexibility in how the space is used, allowing for different configurations and layouts.

The light steel frame construction used in the Milan House provides several benefits. It is lightweight, which means it can be transported and assembled easily. It is also durable, with excellent resistance to weather and seismic events. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, helping to reduce the home's carbon footprint.


If you are looking for a spacious, modern home that is easy to transport and assemble, the Milan House is an excellent choice. Contact DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE to learn more about this innovative home and how it can be customized to meet your specific needs.


DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE has been specializing in the production and manufacture of light steel houses for 14 years, and has rich industry experience and a strong factory. Our team of professional designers and personnel ensures high-quality and efficient construction of each project. Whether you are looking for a compact and efficient home or a spacious and luxurious villa, DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE has a solution to meet your needs.


01 Name:  Milan House
02 Width: 11800mm
03 Length: 11300mm
04 Fisrt floor Area: 118㎡
05 Second floor Area: 118㎡
06 Total Area: 236㎡



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