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Tome House

Tome House

2 Living 1 Kitchen 5 Bedroom 5 Bath 0 Garage 328m²


Welcome to Tome House, a beautiful private villa located by the sea. This stunning villa was designed with a spacious and practical layout, perfect for comfortable living and relaxing by the ocean.


The first floor features a spacious living room and an open kitchen, which is designed for the convenience of the elderly. The second floor offers a living room and three rooms, while the third floor has a beautiful and cozy room. The entire villa is designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious living experience for all its residents.


The villa also features a large study on the roof, where you can stand and enjoy the stunning surrounding scenery. With a width of 9.8m, a length of 11.8m, and a total area of 328m², Tome House is a spacious and luxurious villa that offers plenty of room for families and guests.


With its beautiful design, practical layout, and prime location by the sea, Tome House is the perfect retreat for those seeking peace, comfort, and luxury. If you're looking for a private villa that offers everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay by the ocean, look no further than Tome House.

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1 Ground Floor Area 116㎡
2 Fisrt Floor Area 118㎡
3 Second FloorArea 94m²
4 Total Area 328m²
5 House Width 9.8m
6 House Length 11.8m
7 Deck 23.2m²

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