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1 Living 1 Kitchen 1 Bedroom 1 Bath  AREA: 95.6m²


Introducing the MJ CABIN, a stunning light steel frame house designed and manufactured by DeepBlue SmartHouse. With a spacious size of 9555 x 10010mm and a total area of 95.6㎡, this unit features one living area, one kitchen, one bedroom, and one bathroom, making it the perfect choice for individuals or couples seeking a comfortable and cozy living space.


The MJ CABIN features a modern and open-concept design, with a spacious living area that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. The kitchen is fully equipped with high-quality appliances and amenities, making it easy to prepare delicious meals and snacks. The bedroom is spacious and cozy, offering a comfortable and peaceful retreat at the end of a long day. The bathroom is modern and well-appointed, with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and refreshing experience.


Constructed using high-quality and durable materials, the MJ CABIN is built to last and withstand the rigors of everyday use. The light steel frame house design provides maximum stability and durability, ensuring that the unit is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and the test of time. The construction process is fast and efficient, making it easy to install the unit quickly and easily.

One of the biggest advantages of the MJ CABIN is its versatility. Whether you're looking for a cozy weekend getaway, a comfortable guest house, or a permanent living space, this unit is the perfect choice. With its modern design, high-quality materials, and spacious floorplan, the MJ CABIN is sure to provide a comfortable and enjoyable living experience for years to come.


At DeepBlue SmartHouse, we are committed to providing our customers with the best in light steel frame house design and manufacturing. The MJ CABIN is no exception, embodying our commitment to quality, durability, and comfort in all our products. Choose DeepBlue SmartHouse for your next project and experience the best in light steel frame house design and manufacturing.


Deepblue Smarthouse is a leading Chinese company that specializes in designing and constructing prefab homes using light steel frame technology. Our comprehensive end-to-end building services cover everything from design and engineering to manufacturing,sourcing kitset of materials for whole buildings, and related services. As a one-stop solution provider, we are committed to delivering efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective building solutions for our clients, including housing developers, builders, and owner-builders.

Light steel frame technology is gaining popularity for its many advantages, such as faster construction times, greater energy efficiency, and better durability in extreme weather conditions. At Deepblue Smarthouse, we understand the importance of quality and sustainability in the building process, and we strive to use eco-friendly materials and processes in all our projects.

Our full-service approach streamlines the building process, allowing our clients to enjoy a hassle-free experience. We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our clients, and we work closely with them to ensure that we deliver high-quality results that meet their specific requirements.

Overall, Deepblue Smarthouse is a reliable and experienced partner for those looking to develop steel frame prefab buildings. Our expertise in light steel frame technology, combined with our commitment to providing full-service solutions, positions us as a leading provider of efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective building solutions.



01 Model: MJ CABIN
02 Model: MJ CABIN
03 Area: 95.6㎡


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