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Star-Rated Hotel-T2

Star-Rated Hotel-T2

2 Bedroom 1 Living 0 Kitchen 3 Bath 107.81㎡


Sounds like an attractive resort villa hotel design. The modern T and L shapes, along with the big glass terraces, allow for a great viewing experience and a unique holiday experience. The inclusion of a bathroom on each floor makes it convenient for groups of 3-5 people to live comfortably.


Yes, that's correct. Light steel frame construction has many advantages for residential construction. One of the major benefits is its speed of construction, which can help save manpower, material, and financial resources. This method of construction typically uses prefabricated steel frames that are assembled on site, which can reduce construction time and improve efficiency. Additionally, light steel frame construction is also known for its durability, fire resistance, and environmental sustainability, making it a popular choice for residential construction projects.


Okay, got it. So DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE is a factory specializing in light steel housing construction, and they offer reasonable prices and good service for the design, production, and sales of these homes. Light steel construction is a popular and efficient method of building homes, so DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE could be a good option for those looking for a quality and cost-effective solution for their residential construction needs.



01 Model: Star-Rated Hotel-T1
02 Size:  L12700×W7700mm
03 Ground floor area:  43.69㎡
04 First floor area: 64.12㎡
05 Total area: 107.81㎡
06 Deck 1 area: 8.4㎡
07 Deck 2 area: 8.16㎡

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