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Orlando Tiny House

Orlando Tiny House

1 Living 1 Kitchen 2 Bedroom 1 Bath  25.22㎡


Overall dimendions: 2.35x8.5x3.95m

Weight: 3.5T

Bed: 2.02x3.52m

Lounge: 2.02x2.38m

Kitchen: 2.89x0.7m

Bathroom: 2.02x1.52m

Total area: 26.8sqm


Do you want to go on a trip?Then drive your car with this house.It allows you to go to the toilet when you are outdoors and cook for yourself when you are hungry.Very convenient and economical, can save your money.And the price of this house is very cheap


  • It is very economical for the traveler.
  • Multi-functional open-air balcony and deck front door.
  • Perfect for traveling, or as a guest room.



Light steel frame

Roofing: colorbond sheet (optional colors)

External wall: metal PU sandwich panel

Internal wall & ceiling: integrated wall panel

Flooring: laminated flooring, and PVC flooring (bathroom)

Window & Outdoor: double glass window

Indoor: WPC door

Kitchen: cabinet with sink and faucet

Bathroom: toilet, shower, washbasin


The advantages:

1. Long life span: the frame can be 100 years

2. Movable: you can drive it to any where you like

3. Comfortable: it is a tiny house with full equipments, meeting your requirements for daily life.

4. Completely finished: we will finish the whole tiny house in our factory, you just needs to put furniture and electrical appliance, saving your time and money.

5. High reward: you can resell, or rent to earn money.


Why Choose Light Gauge Steel Structure?


Design code:

(1)AISI S100 North American Specification for the Design of Cold Formed Steel Structural Members published by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) in the United States.

(2)AS/NZS 4600 Australian/New Zealand Standard-Cold-formed steel structures jointly published by Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand.

(3)BS 5950-5 Structural use of steelwork in building-Part 5. Code of practice for design of cold formed thin gauge sections published by BSI in the UK.

(4)ENV1993-1-3 means Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures; Part 1.3: General rules, Supplementary rules for cold-formed thin gauge members.


Packaging & Shipping

prefabricated bungalow's packing:well packed export quality package ,shipped by 40hq.

Company Information


The DeepBlue Smarthouse world is one with advanced production equipment, managed by outstanding professionals, within a sound training environment. Together with our excellent corporate atmosphere we provide you with first-for our customers, that's our commitment to you.

01 Name: Orlando Tiny House
02 Project site: New Zealand
03 Total area: 25.22㎡
04 External size: 2.35*7.4m
05 Internal size: 2.08*7.05m
06 Total weight: 3.5 tons
07 Hight: <4m



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